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What are some quick and easy vegetarian recipes?

I am a Ovo-Lacto vegetarian, and since my mom doesn’t want to cook extra meals for me I have to cook on my own. So any quick and easy recipes?

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7 Responses to “What are some quick and easy vegetarian recipes?”

  1. is spelnilg ralely imrtoapnt? said :

    steamed veggie mixture w/ tofu
    simply and healthy
    or a fruit salad. (turn it into a parfait with some yogurt and granola) doesnt even require any cooking
    vegetarian chili is always fun too, be creative

  2. pimpdaddymax420 said :

    take some celery, and some cream cheese or peanut butter (cream cheese is better),
    put the cream cheese/peanut butter on the celery with a knife. its great. and dont be a vegetarian, it just turns you into a big walking vagina.

  3. Robyn said :

    veggie chili
    veggie burritos
    bean burritos
    cream cheese and cucumber sandwiches
    sloppy joes(buy dried or refrigerated soy)
    pasta with lots of veggies and some soy in the sauce
    mmm 🙂

  4. fredman said :

    Try to make something similar to what your family is eating, but substitute tofu, TVP, eggs, or just ask your mom to leave aside some of the food without any meat in it, depending on the situation. If your family is having a meat based meal try bean cakes.

    here is a tasty recipe that can be used as burgers or eaten alone (my personal fav.)

  5. high schooler said :

    just eat what she makes but take out the meat and be happy… but if that doesn’t suffice, you can just ask her not to make it with meat and after it’s done remove however much you’ll eat and then let her cook the rest with meat. also, if you go to trader joe’s there is a lot of the morningstar brand veggie meat that you can make easily by microwaving or frying on a pan so now you have nothing to worry about

  6. jonathan st.thomas said :

    try the internet with the phrase “quick and easy vegetarian recipes”

    vegetarian times is a published vegetarian magazine with recipes plus additional information at

    happy cow has recipes,information on vegetarian restaurants,vegan restaurants and health food stores worldwide plus additional information at

  7. What are some quick and easy vegetarian recipes? | DavidKaiserBlog said :

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