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What is the best way to give up SMOKING cigatettes?


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7 Responses to “What is the best way to give up SMOKING cigatettes?”

  1. Zee2 said :

    Slowly reduce the amount you smoke on a daily basis. Ie – If you have ten today, only have nine the following day etc etc. At the same time you are reducing your intake, increase your physical activity level. Start by doing 15 min’s exercise daily, increasing by 5 min’s every day that you drop one cig. Worked for three friends of mine, might also work for you.

  2. WNW said :

    I never heard of any cigatettes. What are they like?

  3. LaRockera said :

    Don’t listen to those telling you that you need to ‘reduce’ the amount you’re smoking. You may do that for five or six days, but sooner than you think you’ll go back to your old habits.

    What’s the best way to give up?

    1. Decide that you’re quitting because you WANT to. Not because you HAVE to. Some accurate scientific information on smoking will help a lot, as smokers usually consider the anti-smoking stance to be ‘exaggerative’, often presenting arguments such as ‘yeah right, as if non-smokers don’t get cancer’, or ‘as if we can’t get cancer through everything else that surrounds us’. This jabbering is irrelevant. Nicotine is one of the most addictive drugs, and it contributes to a million other conditions, from blood clots and heart attacks to bad breath and stinking clothes.

    2. Set a date to quit. You can say that you will smoke your last cigarette on the 31st December, your next birthday, the day after your holidays. Anything at all. Make sure it’s no less than a month away, to have time to realise that you are in fact quitting.

    4. Announce that you’re quitting. To everyone you know. This is a personal bet, a bet with your egoism and pride.

    3. Don’t smoke ever again.

    This is the way to quit smoking, and a great way to maintain that decision. It will be coming and going in circles. Each time you say ‘no, I won’t’ then you won’t. You think about it, your next thought needs to be about something else.

    And this is the best way to give up smoking.

  4. Emilie said :

    Write down the reasons why exactly you smoke and in which situations you like to smoke best. For instance when you’re out having a good time, And then start to think of a solution for how you want to deal with that situation.

    Also determine the day you’ll stop. That can be tomorrow, but you can also wait for a more favourable moment.
    – Tell the people around you that you are going to quit. Possibly with somebody else.
    – Take away everything that reminds you of smoking.
    – Stop radically; it gives you the best chance of success.
    – Change your eating and drinking habits. Drink a lot of water, eat a lot of fresh fruit and be aware of ‘pleasure drinks’ like coffee, tea and alcohol.
    – Take care of enough physical relaxation. Go for a walk or a ride or go swimming.
    – Reward yourself. Do nice things or give yourself something, like a cd or clothes.
    If you fall back, don’t give up. Find out in what situation it happened and try to find out with what (alternative) behaviour you can react in the future. If you manage to come through the same situation next time, you have become stronger.

    The desire to smoke is one of the first things you notice when you stop smoking. Such a moment lasts a few minutes. It comes, stays for a while and then goes. If you have stopped smoking recently, you will have that desire more often than after a few weeks. After a while, the periods between ‘wanting to smoke’ get longer and longer. Ultimately, the desire to smoke diminishes. Nicotine patches, self-help books and your doctor can help you to stop smoking. Also, health care centres usually have special “quit smoking” programs.

  5. † PRAY † - SFECU said :

    Stop buying them.
    Start exercising
    Don’t linger after a meal when you usually light up..
    Keep busy ..
    Your personal determination is the most important. I gave them up just like I described and it was almost a year before I lost all urge to smoke. I was determined to not have a addiction habit dominate me & it was hurting my health.
    You can still see the lung damage after 33 years of not smoking..
    Get mad at the habit and kick it out of your life..

  6. Jobo said :

    Cold Turkey

  7. Aurora said :

    Just get on with it.

    No one can do it for you or tell you how it’s done.

    Pack it in right now. Be strong within yourself.

    I did it, millions of others have done it. So what are you waiting for????????????


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