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Is it better to learn to play guitar on an acoustic or electric?

I really want to learn to play guitar. I like acoustic, but I think i would have more fun with an electric because it’s not as linear as an acoustic. (i.e Sound affects, distortion, pedals etc). I just feel I can be more creative and have more fun learning on an electric but everyone tells me i should start with an acoustic. And if you don’t mind, recommend me some good beginner guitars.

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4 Responses to “Is it better to learn to play guitar on an acoustic or electric?”

  1. Jeff said:

    All depends on the music you want to play.

    I just went over the same question for myself a couple weeks ago.

    This video helped me alot.

    TRUST ME watch it, It tells you the pros and cons of each.

  2. cookiemonster said:

    i think u should start with an acoustic guitar,i have an electric one and it was pretty hard to learn its much easier to learn with an acoustic guitar trust me. :]

  3. LucasMan said:

    There is absolutely no reason to start on an acoustic if you want to play electric. They are different instruments. If you want to play electric guitar, play electric guitar.

    I can’t recommend anything specific without knowing what sort of music you want to play or what your budget is, but Fender strats are always reliable ways to start out.

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