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Will the Alan Carr book work if I give up smoking before reading it?

I’ve just ordered it but today was meant to be the quit day….I’m not sure if i need to read the messages stress free – i.e. when i’m not struggling to quit…or if i’m using the book as an excuse to smoke for another week…
I’m on day 1 of my quit….hardly started…but then, one step at a time..oooh decisions!

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2 Responses to “Will the Alan Carr book work if I give up smoking before reading it?”

  1. we_are_legion99 said :

    Being an ex-smoker, I can say you are using the book to smoke for another week. I have done that little trick many times.
    The book may (or may not) give you the motivation to quit. Many times, these “self help experts” are really cashing in on someone Else’s problem.
    Remember one thing…no matter what method you use to quit, it will “Not” work unless you are ready. Seriously.
    Don’t let the “sales pitches” get to you….you have to be ready.
    Good luck

  2. jimmy t said :

    It’s a great book that reveals the big lie that you need cigarettes. He really gets you to question yourself each time you light up. If you have already quit, by all means, don’t start again but do read the book. It will reinforce your decision.
    Good Luck


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