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can you learn guitar yourself without any tutoring?

I have heard that people can teach themselves how to play the guitar by themselves, probably by fiddling around with it for an hour or so a day.

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14 Responses to “can you learn guitar yourself without any tutoring?”

  1. uje d said :

    yea i did it

    and i’m twelve

  2. lilykdesign said :

    Absolutely, I did. But if you want to do more than just strum, you may want to look into a book or two.

    If you mean, do you have to have a teacher? No, you can do it on your own.

  3. the_lipsiot said :

    Yes – it is possible and many people do.

    However, it is much quicker to learn with a tutor, who can show you things like chords, which would take an eternity to work out on your own.

  4. robeastin said :

    yeah but if your gonna by a book that teaches you how then look at it carfully my brother got one that said learn to play in a week but it didnt even say anything about playing all it said was how to clean it and different picks you can by

  5. J said :

    Yea I know I guy from my school who said he taught himself and he really was good at it!

  6. cory22bal said :

    Yes, there are some sites that help you learn how to play as well, that’s how my hubby learned. But I don’t remember the site names, sorry.

  7. quackpotwatcher said :

    reading notes,listening to recorded styles,,its possible to wing it,,watching performances of the style

  8. emilybarrios said :

    I did. I learned how to play rock songs by myself. I write music for myself now.

  9. stuart bartley said :

    hey ye this question gets asked a lot. i taught myself – i’ve never had a lesson in my life. i’ve been playin for about 2 years now and i’ve learnt quite a bit of theory (ie how different chords can be fingered giving the same sounds), how to finger pick, how to sing at same time (initially it seems impossible), how to shift between any chords simply and without lookin. I recommend for tabs. tabs are like music for guitar that basically show 6 lines representing the strings and then numbers representing a specific fret which is pressed down. i also recommend getting guitar pro or power tab. these are great tools that will play tabs so u can hear wat u should sound like! i practice every day between 2 and 5 hours. i’m very dedicated! the first month will be ur hardest but after that u’ll be flying! the first 50 songs are said to be the hardest then after that u can learn 100’s. u get to a stage wher u can look at a tab and have it down in a few minutes if its a chord based song or basic riffs. i think these would be the key things u need to master:

    1. chord shapes
    2. music theory (ie wat chords are in wat keys – so u can create ur own music)
    3. scales (for same reason as above)
    4. finger pickin (use all ur fingers dont just use 1 finger!)

    above all have fun once u’ve gotten rid of ur trainin wheels u can be speeding off in whatever direction in no time!

  10. seamac56 said :

    It’s possible to learn on your own, and there are many successful, professional musicians who’ve done that. But I’m sure that the self-taught ones didn’t fiddle around-they set up structured practice routines.
    But if you really want to learn to play, find some group lessons at a local nonprofit community music school or community college You’re much better off there than the half-hour at the superstore from the hung-over metalhead who’s in between bands. The instructors at the music schools usually have degrees in the field, and the lessons are usually less than what you’d pay at guitar center. Also, if finances are a challenge, the nonprofits may offer financial aid based on family need.
    The real advantage of group lessons is that since you are in with a group of students at about your ability, you can set up jam sessions outside of class. Having one or more partners can mean the difference between abandoning it after three months or taking your playing as far as you can. I took group lessons when I was 15, and I set myself up with two practice partners- once a week, usually on a Sunday afternoon, we ‘d meet somewhere, and reinforce the assignment for the upcoming lesson, jam, and throw some ideas back and forth. Remember – music is a social activity- if you’re sitting alone in your room, you probably won’t go very far- Good Luck!

  11. Robert P said :

    You can teach yourself to play, start on the easiest
    one try the “Country Road” by John Denver.
    If you have a regualar guiter that is not electic that be the best to try @ It easy and less chords!

  12. Paul Hxyz said :

    Sort of – you can learn some things, but you will NEVER master the instrument without professional training, i.e., classical method training… it really is what separates the pros from the amateurs. You can learn a lot without a teacher, but you will learn faster with one, and you will also learn to avoid bad habits that may cause carpal tunnel syndrome later on. Get a teacher – a QUALIFIED teacher.

  13. Erik said :

    It is possible to learn the gutiar by yourself, but if you need an extra help, I recommend you to get some tutoring.

    Hope it helps.

  14. Edward said :

    yes! My dad did it from listening to records of the Beatles,Bob dylen,and the rolling stones.
    and now my dad is just about pro, he can play anything. i mean absolutely anything!!!!!


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