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How do i learn guitar without hurting my fingers?

I have tried learning it when I was in college, but it hurts so much, that I stopped.. and I cant do the B chord. Now I’m a comeback princess.. LOL..

Can you give me tips?

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7 Responses to “How do i learn guitar without hurting my fingers?”

  1. Read My Poker Face ♥ said:

    Usually people use a pick:

    That’ll stop your fingers from hurting.

    Good luck. =]

  2. loopysax said:

    theres no way to prevent your fingers hurting…you just need to man it until you grow calluses!! even if you bleed its like a pride scar anyway its like…yer i play the guitar im pretty cool!”
    just be tough for the time…..

  3. Axn said:

    Use a pick or wear something like a thimble.

    One thing though: You shouldn’t give up on something just because it hurts. Until you fall, you’ll never learn to walk.

    Good Luck :”)

  4. benevolent knigh†mare said:

    if your talking about fingering the frets…its gonna hurt. its better to just play through the pain, ’till calluses form. then it wont hurt.

    any experienced guitarist will say the exact same thing (and trust me…they will not let you live it down, ’till you do get calluses e.e” )

  5. pirataviejo said:

    What IS IT with you people? EVERYONE who plays the guitar goes through a period before the callouses develop, of HURTING THEIR FINGERS.. it’s just a part of playing the guitar.. and THAT is just COMMON SENSE. If it hurts your delicate fingers then either get them toughened up by playing more until the paid stops.. or QUIT.

  6. thomas m said:

    hey princess , no pain , no gain. Man it up, it will go away. If you can handle it then move on
    As far as the b chord, how about practicing it move until you can do it
    if you cant practice more then move on

  7. Ray W said:

    I always suggest that new students begin with a classical guitar, one with nylon strings, to help reduce finger pain and to develop callouses without excessive pain. I also tell students to play until it hurts, then put the guitar down, to practice no more that 15 minutes at a time until you can play with no finger pain.
    When you first start playing your fingers will lack callouses and dexterity, but these problems will go away if you stick to it and push the pain threshold a bit.


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