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What chords should I learn how to play if I want to learn playing the guitar?

I’m starting to learn and was wondering what chords I should learn to play in succession to help me become faster with my fingers. Also, if there are any web sites that would help, please let me know. Thanks…

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15 Responses to “What chords should I learn how to play if I want to learn playing the guitar?”

  1. a.barry15 said:

    Ummm Green, Red, Yellow, Blue, and Orange.

    Lol just kidding.

    I have no idea about guitars.

  2. let it happen said:

    Do finger exercises. That’ll help with all your chords and picking. I promise.

  3. ☻matt☻ said:

    A,d, b, c, F

  4. A man with a ? said:

    acoustic or electric? If electric learn power chords (really easy), IDK about acoustic only play electric

  5. bulldog_woodson said:

    Guitar Hero baby! That probably wont teach you how to play, but you’ll have fun!

  6. Nub C said:


  7. liltwerp said:

    E A G
    E A G A
    E A G
    E A G A

    Cat scratch fever – TNugent

  8. Rasputin said:

    c to g, e, a, a minor, d

  9. Hi I am Clay said:

    Well, you need to learn all the basic chords like G, C, A, and stuff. I am getting back into guitar right now myself actually, and I am about to pick up lessons for the second time. I don’t know of any websites, but if you visit a music store you should be able to find several books that go about teaching you how to learn guitar. You can teach yourself that way, or you can do it like me and take lessons for a price. The lessons are more effective and will definately make you better, but it all depends on if you can afford it and how far you want to go with it.

  10. fireflykissess said:

    I would learn how to play your basic chords and also work on fret play. You can get a chord chart anywhere they actually have posters which is what i use. You can also find a chord chart on most search engines.

  11. GreenGasp Bubblegum said:

    of course
    Em ( i prefer to start for Blink 182 – All The Small Things and ode to joy)

  12. Aubreigh aka The Female T-Pain said:

    OK, well, I found a website that will help you. Read the source!

  13. dawnie75 said:

    G, C and D are the best chords to start out learning. As far as which ones to learn in succession it doesn’t matter. Practicing any chords in succession will help you become better and faster.

  14. gladiatorghost007 said:

    i cant really tell you any websites but, the A major and minor chord, the E major and minir chord, the D major and major 7, the C major chord, the B major chord, that’ll do for now. but just get a book from samash or guitar center its better to look at a book then sit at the computer all day tryna read chords

  15. wanabe_u86 said:

    E minor, G, D, A, and that my friend in that order will allow you to play green day oasis and a few others…


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