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Give up smoking?

I need a good goal to give up smoking, i am educated enough to know the effects of smoking on my health and social standings etc. I am looking for a good good or way to reward myself if i give up smoking. Any suggesstions?

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7 Responses to “Give up smoking?”

  1. stargazer 100 said :


  2. jafhdsjfgsdgfa said :

    take yourself on a nice weekend away somewhere if you succeed. good luck 🙂

  3. natalie g said :

    hmm.. I’ve very glad that you want to quit. I’m not a smoker, but my boyfriend is. Once, for every pack he resisted, I would have a money jar, and put double the money in it (that he just saved). His packs are $3, so everytime he didn’t buy a pack, I’d put $6 in the jar. He saved up lots of money, but I think he probably ended up buying an entire carton LOL, maybe it’s not a good idea.
    Good luck! And keep your eye on the prize! (health being the main prize)

  4. La_Belle_LadyR99 said :

    You’ll live longer and happier. Donate the money you would have spent on cigarettes to a good cause.

  5. David said :

    ill give you a hug if you stop smoking.. just think of all of the money from cigs.. or blunts that you’ll be saving.. and able to spend on something else.. also the increased ability of being able to be active and stuff.. etc..

  6. jd said :

    Put aside all the money you spend on cigarettes each month and spend it on something you’ve always wanted to have or do but never made the time. You can also throw in the dry cleaning money because you won’t have to get your clothes done as often.

    Good luck to you.

  7. AG 33 & Third said :

    In one of my many futile attempts to quit smoking, I implemented this program that has a great payoff. Check it out.

    At the time I was smoking one pack a day. So when I quit, I got one of those five gallon plastic water bottles and started putting $5 a day into the plastic bottle. I estimated that a pack of cigarettes cost about $4 – $5 a pack and I was smoking one pack a day. So I took that money that I would have normally been spending on cigarettes daily, and saved it in the bottle. I didn’t miss the money because I would have normally spent it on cigarettes.

    It didn’t seem like much at first but 2, 3, 4 months into the process I was starting to build up quite a bit of dough in the bottle. (I used $1 dollar bills instead of $5’s so more actual bills would be in the bottle).

    I used the money as spending money on a trip to Hawaii. As far as a reward it felt really good to be able to have “free” money. Money that would have just gone up in smoke if I kept on with my habit.

    Good luck with your goal to quit smoking.


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