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how can give up smoking cigarette ?

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2 Responses to “how can give up smoking cigarette ?”

  1. Brianna Mcclead said :

    the easiest way is to just quit right away don’t cut back on cigarettes,
    just quit RIGHT AWAY !
    that’s the easiest way.

  2. Ang Lee said :

    Due to the unpleasantness of the withdrawal symptoms, many people who try to quit smoking end up replacing the cigarettes with some other type of addiction. This may be an addiction to prescription medication such as Zyban and Champix which are variations of antidepressant drugs, sleeping tablets or tranquilizers, nicotine patches, gum, microtabs, lozenges, inhaler, nasal spray, inhalatorsor, or an addiction to food. While you will definitely experience the health benefits of giving up nicotine, no one wants to replace one addiction with another!

    A healthy diet, adequate exercise as well as natural and holistic treatments such as acupuncture, massage and herbal and homeopathic remedies can also help the smoker overcome nicotine addiction. Herbal and homeopathic treatments are a safe and effective means to reduce nicotine cravings (without giving you more nicotine) and will also help to prevent weight gain and alleviate anxiety and irritability. Basically, natural and holistic treatments not only lessen the urge to smoke, but also help you to restore balance in your body.

    There are a number of herbal ingredients such as Avena sativa, Garcinia cambogia & Gotu Cola which will help to address the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal. They reduce nicotine cravings and balance the mood.

    They are very popularly used in herbal formulas:

    – To support balanced mood
    – To maintain emotional equilibrium and well-being
    – As an excellent nerve tonic
    – To support balanced appetite and healthy metabolism
    – To maintain healthy brain functioning, including memory and concentration

    Similarly, St John’s Wort, Scuttelaria laterifolia & Chromium Picolinate are used in conjunction as they:

    – Support the nervous system in preparation for quitting
    – Maintain serotonin levels in healthy balance
    – Support healthy blood sugar levels
    – Promote the healthy functioning of the immune system

    You may get more info here


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