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Should I learn how to play acoustic guitar?

I really wanted to learn how to play guitar for a while and i was wondering if its worth the money to buy a guitar? im just worried if I’ll be able to learn to play and get my moneys worth, any guitar tips or pros and cons etc etc

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2 Responses to “Should I learn how to play acoustic guitar?”

  1. Alex said :

    Absolutely. If you’re nervous about going full throttle, may I suggest trying an electronic version? Jam Sessions is a game for the Nintendo DS that turns your DS into a veritable guitar. You don’t have to worry as much about learning how to set chords or pluck, and you can just strum and select a cord by hitting a button. I have it and play it almost every day. I think, though, that someday soon I’m gonna get a real guitar – and I’ll already have a bit of a basis in it.

  2. Homer J Marley said :

    electric is easier on the fingers…

    a nylon string guitar is even easier…


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