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How do I train my dog to bring me a beer?

I have a mini-fridge that I only keep beer in. How can I train my dog to open it and bring me a beer?

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8 Responses to “How do I train my dog to bring me a beer?”

  1. Jennifer said :

    You won’t be able to train your dog to do anything if you’re that lazy.

  2. DogAddict said :

    I know many people who have attempted this and failed. So they had children. LOL!

  3. Leonie V said :

    Instead of training your dog to get you beer, here’s an idea, get off your lazy ass and get it yourself, a dog is a companion and friend not a slave.

  4. george said :

    its going to be hard,

    i suggest, put a cookie in a can, put holes in it, and put it in the fridge, and tell him to get it (he will be able to smell it), and when he starts playing with it, tell him to bring it over here, and open it and give him the treat

    but reward him like crazy

    use the command, get a beer, to tell him to get the cookie can

  5. bahamutt99 said :

    Here is what I did:

    Start with a can coolie — one of those foam jobs you stick a can in to keep it cold — and get the dog to play with it. Throw it, and encourage the dog to retrieve. Lots of praise when he does. Later, put a can in it. I would start with an empty can, or you may end up with your dog poking holes in it and getting beer all over the place. (Cans will only hold up to so many retrieves before they buckle, it seems.) I personally like to start using the command I plan on using later at this point, to associate it with the retrieval of the can.

    Put a rope or some other kind of tugging surface on the fridge handle. Encourage the dog to check it out, and hopefully mouth it and tug it. Most likely when he gives it a good tug and the door comes open, he’ll let go, but don’t correct him. Just tell him what a good dog he is.

    The third part basically involves combining the two. Hold the door of the fridge open, and put the coolie/can inside. Practice some retrieves like that. Then later, shut the door and tell him to get the beer. If he’s confused, touch the tug to encourage him. (Its a good idea at this point to hold the door open once he tugs it, to keep it from closing on him and possibly scaring him off doing the trick.) Remember to use a lot of praise, as its a complicated thing you’re teaching.

    Later on, when he gets more confident with the process, you can start using full cans. Or what I did was use a can of soup, because it holds up better to being dropped, bitten, rolled on the floor, etc. Eventually, you will want to try and wean him off the coolie, which is kind of tricky because some dogs don’t like cold stuff in their mouths. But if you keep encouraging him, keep it positive, it should eventually happen.

    Good luck! Its a fun trick to teach. I like to watch peoples’ reactions when I send my dog for a soda. LOL

  6. ♥ DP ♥ said :

    You don’t.. If you have a problem with alcohol, you need to deal with that, rather then enlisting your dog to further enable you to drink …

  7. Daisy said :

    The same way he trained you to open a can of food for him and put it in a bowl.

  8. manda d said :

    you dont so get up off your backside and do it your self


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