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How can I train my dog to speak, shake hands and give me five?

How can I train my dog to speak, shake hands and give me five? He is a six months old Mini Schnauzer.

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8 Responses to “How can I train my dog to speak, shake hands and give me five?”

  1. nannytothree said :

    i have tried myself and it can be done with clickers and treats. reward every time the dog does the behavior. but pleaqse only do one behavior at a time or the poor thing will be confused and never never punish a dog for not doing it right. many pet shops have classes that are good too.

  2. vixen_with_velocity said :

    Clicker training and alot of patience… you can buy clicker training books probably cheaper through, or your local library might have them also for you to check out.

  3. Rockin said :

    persistence! Get little treats, and show him what shake is then keep doing it with treats till he does it on his own. Make sure you are saying the same word over and over so he doesn’t get confused. It took my dogs about an hour to do speak, sit, shake, and catch! Now they have it down…

  4. kiya12bc said :

    Patience and consistency. But only try to teach one thing at a time so as not to confuse your dog. Once one is accomplished go to the next. Good Luck

  5. emmie s said :


  6. sixtycent_60 said :

    My dog wud do anythin for food always have food around when ur training him and reward him when he does it right my dog can do loads of tricks now. if ive no food he wont even look at me tho ha.

  7. miss.barrelracer said :

    When I trained my pup to shake and five I didn’t use treats, because when you use treats the dog will only do a trick for a treat. When your animal does what you want him to do, praise him in an excited voice and he will realize that he did something correctly. To shake I just would hold a front paw and shake it like you would another person’s hand and while I was doing this I would say shake and she quickly caught on, to five I would hold my hand up and then hold her paw up to my hand and say five, once again she caught on. I hope this helps.

  8. estrella said :

    yes you can I did it with my dogs by giving them treats after they had done it themselfs it take time and practice


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