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Want to learn to play guitar, any experts?

Ive decided to try to learn how to play guitar (acoustic). However what is the first step since i know nothing about music? Do i need to learn to read music?

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7 Responses to “Want to learn to play guitar, any experts?”

  1. Deanna00 said :

    Learning to read it first helps, but you could start by learning cords 🙂

  2. Jay F said :

    nope, a google search for guitar tabs will tell you all you need to know.

    Simple and easy to read, just tells you which number fret to play on each string.

  3. NICKJROCKS said :

    If there’s anyone around you that gives guitar lessons, that would be a great way to start. If not try using the Internet, that should be harder but still easy enough.

  4. ÄļmÕکť Pëřƒ€ĉŦ Breaking it out! said :

    if you want to read music notes, i would suggest taking lessons. if you want to wing it and play some songs youve always wanted to play, i would suggest playing tabs. Since you say you know nothing, i think lessons and a guitar mentor would be the way to go. you can use yahoo, google or yellow pages to search for a local place that gives guitar lessons.

  5. Khaos Koala said :

    No learn Guitar chord forms (C,G,D and all those) and then you can play a couple of songs, then look at tabs, then music notes, then scales, then jazz chord forms.

  6. Julia T. said :

    I always recommend this Webpage to learn how to play Guitar.


  7. ceritis said :

    You should take a look at a Jamorama acoustic guitar course. You can find it at my website


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