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How do i give up smoking pot?

i have recently given up all sorts of kinds of drugs i was heavily addicted to heroin for 2 years and ive recently come off my methodone program from 20mls to 1 ml. it seems that pot is the last straw for me on my quest to a drug free life as i am only 19 and would love to have a career in nursing one day. i have been smoking pot for 5 years non stop every day without fail, and i know whats going to happen cause ive quit for like a week before but i couldnt handle it since i had nothing else so substitute it. ive joined the gym and im ready to go but does anyone personlly know what the best way to do it is??

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11 Responses to “How do i give up smoking pot?”

  1. Rachel said :

    just stop. shit, you’ve gave up heroin weed’s waay easier to give up.

  2. AntiHero said :

    Did you try to go to a support group? They might help.

  3. Soccer4ever said :

    Y did u start in the first place.

    PS Last time i checked, pot is illegal

  4. Mike C said :

    Go to a doctor. Not yahoo answers.

  5. Genocide said :

    I have quit smoking both pot and ciggarettes cold turkey. you can do it too. Fitness for me helped a lot, it was my motivation to keep healthy

  6. Dobie said :

    cold turkey and prepare your mind not to give in and use the gym as a substitute the hardest thing is our mind we programed to every day do something and we have to retrain it in a different direction you can do it if you really want this you do have the power

  7. Danielle said :

    Marijuana is not a drug it’s a plant, therefor your already drug free!

  8. Me, Myself and I said :

    dont stop cold turkey. every day for 5 years, ya right. it would take a lot of wil power to just stop. how often a day do you do it? more than once? if so cut down to only once a day. then move to once every other day or two days in a row, skip a day, two days in a row. just cut down slowly then it’ll be easier.

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