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How train dog not OK to run away?

My dog likes to run away out any open door. What consequences can I give him so he knows that is wrong once I catch him?

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6 Responses to “How train dog not OK to run away?”

  1. bluebonnetgranny said :

    Since you know he is going to run as soon as a door opens watch him & stop him before he get away. Teach him the sit stay & make him sit & stay when the door is open. It will take a lot of patience from you but he needs to be trained & that is the first step to teach him that it is something you don’t want him to do.

    Teach him regular obedience training & that will help a lot.

    Obedience training

    Fun tricks to teach your dog

  2. sunstar said :

    You never punish or correct a dog once you catch them. They think they’re being punished for being caught.
    Never punish a dog for coming to you when you call it irrespective of how frustrated you are that the dog ran off in the first place.

    You need to keep your dog on leash when you are about to open a door until you train it to sit and stay. However if you leave your doors open and the dog is unsupervised it will surely not be able to resist the temptation to wander off.

  3. Erika ♥♥ Luv My Labs ♥♥ said :

    My personal training method is to reward when he doesn’t run out – not punish when he does.

    I would recommend training him to sit / stay whenever the door is opened. He needs to know not to “crowd the door”. Get a bath mat and place it away from the door, but where he can see who is coming in.

    You can leash him for the training and call it the “place” command. Whenever the door bell rings or someone knocks on the door, say “place” and walk him to the mat and put him in a sit/stay. Do not open the door until he sits and stays politely. If he gets up – simply say ‘place’ and put him back on the mat in a sit / stay. Don’t open the door until he behaves. Once you can open the door and let someone in – say “release” and release him from the sit / stay and give him a treat.

    It will take a lot of practice. But you should be able to do this relatively easy.

  4. The Other Side Gallery Teahouse said :

    you teach it its name and to come than when it runs away call it and punish it it’ll learn to come and not run away tie it up as a punishment tell it no in a firm voice i hope it works for your dog it worked for my 2 dogs if it doesn’t work keep on trying

  5. New Yorker said :

    Look up the Dog Whisperer.

  6. Miss K said :

    Set him up for success so he doesn’t run away.

    I’ve trained my dogs to wait at the door until I give them the ok. Practice sits frequently indoors and reward him with yummy treats (most dogs love hot dog bits). Take him to the door and practice sits without opening the door. When that is going good, leash him have him sit and open the door. Give him lots of treats and praise for sitting instead of bolting out the door.

    You can also practice sit/wait at doors/doorways inside your house. If you make it rewarding for him he’ll catch on in no time.

    Never punish him when he comes back or you catch him. If you punish him once you catch him, he’ll just try to avoid being caught in the future.


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