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How many of you have tried to give up smoking and succeeded?

How did you do it and how many times did you try before being successful?

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5 Responses to “How many of you have tried to give up smoking and succeeded?”

  1. Phoenix said :

    I’ve quit lots of times. Problem is, I ‘ve started one more time than I’ve quit.

  2. mkmcbryde said :

    I quit this past January as a New Year’s resolution. It was hard, I’m not gonna lie. I came home from visting family New Year’s Day in tears because I wanted a cigarette so bad. Since I couldn’t afford the $60 pack of Nicorette gum, I went cold turkey. My boyfriend was no help either. I was in a horrible mood at my parents’ house and he kept picking on me and telling me it was all in my head as he sat there cool clam and collected (he quit that day too as the resolution was his idea). As the days went by it got easier. On the third day my boyfriend was in convulsions on the couch in a nicotene fit. I was scared to death and went to the store to get him some cigarettes so he would stop shaking so violently. To this day he’s still smoking and I still haven’t had a cigarette. The best advice I can give you is to just stay strong and be careful when eating. I admittedly gained a few extra pounds from quitting but bought a treadmill to take them off with all the money I saved from cigarettes. I work out everyday, my lungs are slowly but surely getting back to normal, and I’ve never felt better!
    Good luck!

  3. Starr said :

    I have quit many time. But for some reason I keep starting back up. I am concedering trying to quiting again and hopefully won’t go back. Wish me luck I have 1/2 a pack left. =) Starr

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