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How should i learn guitar?

what would be the best way for me to learn the guitar? I know nothing about it so i would really like to learn.

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9 Responses to “How should i learn guitar?”

  1. Megan said: has a computer program, so I’ve heard.

  2. gravysb said:

    If you’ve not played any music before, then going to a tutor is probably the best and most effecient way.

  3. king s said:

    have courses or have daily training

  4. mrs.johnny.martin said:

    some people can get the beginner books and teach themselves, but it’s always good to get a teacher, so you have the right technique and everything.

  5. Tyson said:

    Try going to a local music store and if you don’t want to pay for lessons ask them for a really easy-to-understand guitar book. Be specific with what kind of style of guitar you want to learn because there are tons of styles. You can also try online guitar sites like the link I have below.

  6. Jer said:

    Just start learning some basic chords, you can get a million of them offline then after you’ve got a few of them down you could start taking lessons. You’d be really surprised at how many of your favorite songs are played with really simple chords. Go online to look of the chords to some of your favorites and then try to play those. That’s a really good way to stay interested. 🙂

  7. Big Mac said:

    just pick it up and start experimenting. the sky’s the limit.

  8. frickadella said:

    You know a lot of people ask about learning on their own, but if you ask me, people who learn on their own, don’t come on here and ask how. They just do it because they’re intensely committed to it. So my answer is always the same…

    Get personal instruction.

    Either a community college course, or private instruction will give you much faster progress, then twiddling around on your own. More importantly, they will tell you what you are doing wrong. If after a while you feel you have the tools to keep progressing, and no longer want the expense of an instructor, then fine, go at it alone.

  9. Frank Talley said:

    Check this out, it may help: What Kind of Learner Are You?
    To get the most out of your studies, you should find out how you learn
    best—that is, what kind of learner you are.
    • An auditory learner learns by listening.
    If you’re an auditory learner, you should find friends to study with, so you can ask
    questions and discuss them with them.
    If you have to study alone, you can reinforce your learning by reciting key
    concepts out loud or reading them into a tape machine and listening to the tape
    later. Or you can explain what you’re learning to your friends or family.
    Note: If you’re an auditory learner, find someone you can talk to about your
    • A visual learner learns by reading.
    If you learn best this way, you should concentrate on finding a quiet place where
    you can focus on the material you’re reading
    Note: If you’re a visual learner, find a place where you won’t be distracted by
    nearby noises and movement.
    • A kinesthetic learner learns by doing.
    If you learn best by doing something, you’re going to have to be creative in the
    way in which you study. For example, highlight your text or take notes as you
    read. Think about practical ways to apply the material you’re reading.
    Note: If you’re a kinesthetic learner, taking notes as you study helps you to
    remember what you’ve read.


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