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What should i do to learn to play guitar?

ive had an acoustic/electric for a few years and havent made much progress. i just ordered an electric (an ESP F-50, havent got it yet) and i dont know what to start out doing to teach myself how to play. i wanna play metal. should i learn chords, scales, what? any helpful suggestions?

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14 Responses to “What should i do to learn to play guitar?”

  1. SPONGEBOB said :


  2. StarShine Girl said :

    Buy learners music books and have a music teacher or someone that plays the guitar.teach you.

  3. meg said :

    you should take guitar lessons dummy!!!!!!

  4. suppy_sup said :

    You should take guitar lessons from a teacher or you could take online classes.

  5. nick e said :

    Better yet learn how to read sheet music. Rythm guitar in Metal is in power chords consisting of three notes. But lead guitar is a totally different deal. Learn how to read sheet music and where the notes acutallly are on the guitar would be the best bet. Then you can learn chords and other things like hammers, slides ect. Many guitarist “play by ear” but if you know how to read music you can play any type of music as long as you have it.

  6. greendaychick_luvstrecool said :

    You should learn as much of that stuff as possible. You have to have a very strong desire (plus natural talent) to be self-taught. Some guitar lessons would do a LOT of good. They can teach you a lot of things you can’t learn on your own

  7. mad_mav70 said :

    Learn on the acoustic. The electric can set in bad habits. If you are wanting to play lead work on the scales. Personally, I learned chords and from there learned some riffs. The most important thing, take lessons. I tried to teach myself when I was 15 and failed, when I was 30 I decided to take lessons. That worked.

  8. two_eighty_eight said :

    Tabs. There’re many guitar tab sites online can teach you how to read a tab and that’ll help you learn how to play the guitar. You can also take lessons, but I would recommend going somewhere where they teach you WHAT you want to learn instead of boring music theory. That’s how I learned to play, anyway, and some of my friends are still stuck with scales while I”m rocking out to Smashing Pumpkins.

  9. tfrileypd said :

    There are free online lessons at This is a very well organized website and will have beginner, intermediate, and advanced metal lessons. Check it out.

    Good Luck

  10. Giles said :

    Try and find a friend who plays it will save you time. Learn on the acoustic first then the electric. The acoustic will give you hand strength the’lectric won’t. Any good beginners book will do. It’s takes discipline to learn on your own. Scales and reading aren’t much fun but you have to do it or your wasting money. Once you can do your bar-chords you play metal . Get a book on metal music and jam away … 1 hour a day every day and you’ll be playing in no time.

  11. wig said :

    Scales are very important, and any music teacher would pretty much start you with scales.

    That being said, you can safely save scales for when you feel comfortable with chords, which is the fun, campfire part of guitar.

    Start with chords. Go online, find a good website that lists chords, and learn the fingering for A, C, D, E, F, and G. B is a little hard when you’re first starting out. Once you learn these chords, you’ll have more than enough fodder for weeks of practice and fooling around finding songs you can play. Go to a tablature website (just search for guitar tabs) and find a band/song that you like. Tabs may look like Greek at first, but you’ll soon figure it out and can start playing your favorite songs…

    Then, once you’re comfortable with those chords, you can learn to play all the “other” chords, like E7 or Eminor. Easy stuff for an old chord pro like you…

    Then, go online and learn how to play scales, then practice them. You’ll be the best on your block in no time…

  12. matchbox202006 said :

    learn all of wont learn until you actually do something about it.are you actually sitting there asking us this question.go out and learn how to maybe i should take my own advice…..

  13. Trevor B said :

    what i did was got pretty good on acoustic and then moved on to an electric. i taught myself for a while. i had a friend who showed me how to read tab and i learned from there. i got all the details from a class i took at music village by where i live. the class was awesome and taught me a lot about technique that was important. i’d do that same thing again if i could.

  14. Rissa1992 said :

    just mess around with it and try figureing out simple songs like iron man by black sabbath, brain stew by green day and stuff like that then try lessons


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