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Where should i learn to play Guitar?

What are some good books, websites, etc. that will teach you how to play.

BTW Free=Good

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4 Responses to “Where should i learn to play Guitar?”

  1. maraa08 said :

    i taught myself so idk srry

  2. b4_999 said :

    There will be many correct answers given so let me tell you a different route to playing good guitar.

    Play bass for great guitarists.

    I play guitar, but slave on the bass for really good guitarists and get free lessons as a result. Been doing this for 30 years now and the guitar came along quite nicely (as did the bass) and I didn’t pay for a single lesson while getting paid to gig!

  3. Frank said :

    Try getting a copy of the book ‘Guitar for Dummies.’ No joke. It will have you doing basic chords and reading tab in no time.

    Also there is a website called that is great for teaching yourself.

    There are a few online scale genereators and tuners out there too so you can search for them.

    Learn the basic chords first like A, E, D, C, G and practice switching between them.

    Most of all be patient and disciplined.

    This question is asked a lot in the Music section of Entertainment and Music. and the Performing Arts section of the Arts and Humanities section. Check

  4. fubsywubsy said :

    I took guitar lessons from the music pastor at my church. He really taught me a lot and he didn’t charge a lot at all. It’s nice to get a teacher that can really help you when you have questions. Maybe you have a friend who knows guitar and they’d be able to help get you started. If you’re in high school, your school most likely has a guitar class, I know mine did. That can get you started, and what better way to spend time in school.


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