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Should he give his smoking father a kidney?

A friend has a father who has needed a kidney for along time. The father will not be given one easily because he is a smoker and cannot gve up inspite of being advised to. This means he has been put further down the list for transfer, in favour of patients who are non smokers and therefore in better health to receive a kidney. Should the son give his father a kidney? That way he can have his operation sooner and not have to give up smoking to have it. Or should the son insist he gives up smoking first?

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3 Responses to “Should he give his smoking father a kidney?”

  1. Chicka said :

    Give up smoking first smoking gross and horrible.

  2. :) said :

    the son should do what he feels.

    myself, i care about my parents and would do anything for them if it means having them with me longer.

  3. Robinstarlyn said :

    Ask yourself this. If your father smoked, would you let him die if he needed a kidney? You’d just not love him then? I hear your point, and I agree that smoking is aweful. But a sons decision to save his father’s life is his and his alone, and should not be altered by anyone elses views. Besides, that could be the very bonding event for him that gets his dad to quit for good and make a healthy life for himself.


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