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what is the best way to give up smoking?

I am 5 years heavily smoker. my willpower is realy strong, but doesn’t work with Cigarettes.

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6 Responses to “what is the best way to give up smoking?”

  1. pa said :

    Everytime you have a cigarette, put it out on your forearm.

  2. jhoom_hey shona said :

    use niccorette gum, its chewing gum with nicotine inside but it helps you to stop smokeing because u eat that instead of smokeing n it stops you from going pagal!! i was also smokeing for 5 years and i stopped since long timethats to this gum, which i only used for arround 2 weeks, good liuck ur health will improve!

  3. Corona said :

    Wellbutrin and Xanax. I took Wellbutrin and Xanax for 10 days and laid the cigs down and only took the rest of the Wellbutrin which was one month supply. I smoked for almost 20 years and that was my first try to ever quit and I never craved them again. It’s been a year and a half now and I feel FANTASTIC!! I know several people that have quit using this method and not one has went back to smoking. Good luck.

  4. Joker 1 said :

    Cold Turkey is the best.

    I smoked for 25+ years and tried to quit numerous times. I tried the gum, patches, pills, you name it I tried it. My doctor asked if I ever tried cold turkey and I said “no”.

    He said try it, just remember to quit one day at a time. He was right. The first three days are a bit rough, but once you get through that it gets easier.

    I bought a big bag of starlight mints (like Halloween size) and I put one in my mouth every time I had the urge. Well the first day, I was chewing those mints like a beaver on crack.

    That was almost ten years ago and I still haven’t smoked. Even now, I’ll get the occasional urge to have a smoke, of course I don’t.

    Believe me, it’s worth it to quit. I can’t believe how stupid I was to smoke all those years.

    Good luck, just be determined to do it, and do it.

  5. koolrider37 said :

    well with me the patches really work great

  6. Kathy F said :

    I got Welbutrin from the Dr. took for 3 days and smoked right along with the medicine. On day 4 went to light up and took a big drag. Thought a dog had just dumped in my mouth it tasted so nasty. Could not get the smoke out fast enough. Think I used a full bottle of mouth wash. Well I was to scared of having that taste again so I never lit up again. I then changed my routines. I usually smoked and drank coffee at the kitchen table. I started drinking coffee on the porch.
    Sat in the Non smoking section when I went out to eat.
    Then the big change I asked everyone to smoke outside and not in my house. Took awhile, and every once in awhile I think I might want one but then that taste filters thru my mind.
    Now I smell smokers and think how awful I must have smelt.
    Food tastes so much better, and a hug from your child means so much when they say Thanks for not smoling. Good Luck


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