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How can i learn to play guitar with big fingers?

It seems everytime i try to play guitar my fingers touch other strings. No matter what i try i keep getting the same result. I got big fingers so i think that is one of my problems. Can anyone out there give me a suggestion in how to solve this annoying problem.

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3 Responses to “How can i learn to play guitar with big fingers?”

  1. Jeff A said :

    People with skinny fingers have the same problem when they’re starting out. There are some really big guys with really big fingers who play great guitar. There was a band called “Mountain” whose lead guitarist was a great big guy named Leslie West, and he was awesome on the guitar.

  2. webconstruc said :

    First get a Nylon string classical guitar because they have a wide neck, the same wide neck I used 40 years ago when I learned my fat fingers to play, I still play to this day and everyday.

  3. al b said :

    you can play guitar if you want to, I saw a video of a street performer playing a guitar with his FEET. What it will take is practise, practise , practise and you will find that fat fingers is not a problem at all. I have huge hands and I even bought a 12 string guitar and strung it as a six string because the strings would then be further apart allowing me room to get my monster digits on the right string. I have since bought an electric guitar where the strings and frets are all very much closer together, and I had little to no trouble switching. Believe me If I can do it YOU can too.


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