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What time did you eat thanksgiving dinner?

My Caucasian in-laws and I ate at 12pm I think that is early. What time is best and why? My african american family in Ohio usually eats around 5pm except my Caucasian aunt who usually has thanksgiving dinner at 1:30pm.

Please tell me your culture/ nationality too because I wonder if this is a culture difference.

Happy thanksgiving!

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21 Responses to “What time did you eat thanksgiving dinner?”

  1. mc said :

    1 pm

  2. lord infamous said :

    eating within the next half hour.

    happy thanksgiving to you as well!!

  3. LONNIE M said :

    im a southern girl in nc of irish and cherokee heritage and we ate at my aunts at 12 and at my house at 5 🙂

  4. wuptdo2 said :

    I ate at 11 a.m. at a hotel. IT was a brunch kinda thing.

    I’m white, I live in NC

  5. Dr.Phil with Boobs said :

    2 pm/ american/Irish/italian

  6. YOU ARE FOOD said :

    i ate some shrooms for thanksgiving dinner mmm
    and the other one like in 2 hours so at 7

  7. wnc817 said :

    I didn’t eat dinner. I left before we got that far, because I couldn’t take it anymore.

  8. Kevcom said :

    My latin family eats late at night cus we only see Thanksgiving an excuse to buy the best food and pig out and for the sales next day on Black Friday

  9. Deborah R said :

    African american- we ate at 3pm

  10. brwnxeyexbby said :

    happy thanksgiving to u tooo.

    we eat it around 6ish.


  11. Gravy said :

    Started eating at about 1:30pm EST and haven’t really stopped yet. I keep going back for nibbles. I am a German/Irish/Japanese American.

  12. Joi S said :

    We will be eating within the next hour. My brother had a football today so my poor parents are still a little tired from watching/helping out with that. We have always eaten dinner later in the day.

  13. pablo_asawa said :

    My Caucasian parents always ate between 12 noon and 1 p.m.

    but my Philippine wife eats later in the after noon..sometimes as late
    as 5 p.m..but never at noon..I learned after 23 years of marriage to
    not expect an early meal..and she got up at 2 A.M. Today to start
    cooking..I think it is all in the way you are raised
    We lived on a farm growing up and noon we always ate lunch and
    5:30 was the supper hour…it was *GOD Forbid we should be late*
    but when I married a Filipino is when she want so eat..
    and since she is the Cook..she is the Boss

    I like it better this when I grew up..just like you said
    it is too early for such a big meal..maybe a nice BRUNCH?

    But you can’t fight city hall. Viva la Difference

  14. NATHAN P said :

    2 P.M. and white as day.

  15. lady_tapeworm said :

    Caucasian and my grandparents came over to eat with my parents and me at two pm

  16. CanUHelpMe? said :

    Caucasian family – We usually eat around 6 pm.

  17. Mountain man said :

    Whats with playing the race card ?This is thanksgiving! I have black grandchildren, but I don’t call them “my black grand children” They are my grand children, If you want to stop prejudice, stop making distinctions! We are americans, they are our family’s…and I’m really pissed cause I’m still at work!!!!!!

  18. maylene1852 said :

    spanish, and dinner was ready at 2 but most people didnt eat till 3 or later…..desserts were even later

  19. Imaka said :

    Irish heritage and we eat Thanksgiving dinner in mid-afternoon, around 3:00 or 3:30.

  20. Diane the Succubus (PFLAG) said :

    Most years it between 2 and 3pm… This year it’s been pushed back to between 4 and 5pm due to work schedules.. (Both my husband and our daughter’s boyfriend had to work, they are correctional officers, inmates don’t do well if you leave them to supervise themselves..)

    Not that I am complaining I got to sleep in a couple extra hours before starting the turkey LOL

    I am Heinz 57 my husband is Scot/Irish..

  21. Tia said :

    We are going to start eating around 7:00 PM.


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