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Who is the easiest person on youtube to learn beginner guitar from (for an impatient preteen)?

My son is 12 and wants to learn guitar but gets frustrated so easily and hasn’t learned the first chord yet. Many Thanks!

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3 Responses to “Who is the easiest person on youtube to learn beginner guitar from (for an impatient preteen)?”

  1. Luke Box said:

    Rickie Don

  2. John said:

    alot of people i see here post things such as ”i taught myself piano its easy”
    let me say any instrument is easy, but to properly play it & understand what the heck your doing (this helps your creative process when writing your own stuff) is another different matter.
    i could be taught to recite out 10 basic piano tunes, but give me the likes of Mozarts music & ask me to use certain techniques that are heard on piano. i would fail (as would all the people claiming ”its easy”)

    the problem with teaching yourself guitar (or any instrument) is that alot of people give up they get frustrated. (supposedly 90% of self taught musicians quit)
    also alot of people can ”play” guitar, ie bang out a few songs & intros eg starirway to heaven.
    guitarists are a dime a dozen, everybody plays guitar (heck i play guitar) however a decent guitarist is hard to find this is where you can benifit from lessons.

    Lessons are definitely a great idea, a teacher can show you techniques & correct you. i still get corrected over things i do at my lessons.
    alot of the internet resources aren’t that great, again it is alot of amateurs with bad technique or looking to make a quick buck.

    every music autobiography i have read (& i read quite a fair bit of them) the guitarist/any instrument, has gotten lessons at some point.
    there are a rare few virtuoso (ie talented) people who didn’t get lessons but even at that they start practicing with other people who have got lessons & learn off them.
    As somebody said those ”guitar for dummies” are great, however that is as a side tool to reference to. not to just teach yourself, at a glance you learn the basics but when you study those books they can get quite complicated & a teacher can clear any questions you have.
    a teacher also encourages you to practice & gives you set goals.

    PS try not to ask people to give you the chords to a song, its better if you can work them out yourself it creates an ear for certain notes. however make sure what you are playing is correct.

  3. Norm Jones said:

    Hello there,

    You did not mention the style of music your son is learning (trying to learn). Here is a link to a series of video lessons on Youtube. This guy is a great teacher. He has a series of 12 lessons there and covers the basics very well and is entertaining (at least to kids). He uses an electric, but much of the material will translate to an acoustic.

    A couple years ago, my nephews and nieces decided to learn. All live too far away for me to teach them. I gave them guitars for Christmas. Then searched the internet for a good set of lessons. I liked this guy the best of those I reviewed. He is a bit of a clown and sort of strange looking (at least to a 60 year old guy). But he comes across well for kids and teens. Take a look at his videos and see if you think your son could benefit from him.



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