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Will it be harder for me to learn to play guitar now?

Okay, I learned how to play when I was 15….

stopped for two years
Now, I’m 17 years old and I’m getitng a guitar for Christmas,
will it be like a whole new process for me to learn how to play again?


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3 Responses to “Will it be harder for me to learn to play guitar now?”

  1. theguysingreenville said:

    No, It is kind of like riding a bike you never forget. You may just have a few crashes. within a few months you should be able to do what you could before. I watch a guy quit sax for 3 years and when he came back he was better than he was when he quit.

  2. norcekri said:

    No problem. You’ll have to get your fingers and fingertips in shape again, but the rest should come back within a couple of days. Depending on your skill level, it may take longer for any harder licks to return. I didn’t even *start* until age 21, so you’re quite ahead of me already.

  3. danimus said:

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