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How can I learn to play the acoustic guitar?

I have never played guitar before, but I want to learn. Are there any good ways to teach myself without taking lessons?

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3 Responses to “How can I learn to play the acoustic guitar?”

  1. Left-T ... said :

    If you are a beginner or slightly advanced, check this website out. This site has a watch and learn to make it easy for you as well as tons of very useful info .

  2. Kab said :

    Learning the Guitar
    You need a course of instruction.
    The best way is with a private teacher
    2nd would be class lessons
    3rd regularly get together with other guitar players
    or if you absolutely will or can not do the above, Buy a book on how to play the guitar and follow it religiously.
    last would be to find some free online lessons and skip around in them doing what YOU think you want to do next.
    Guitar is one of the world’s most popular instruments.
    It is easy to take with you.
    It has a sound that people like.
    It can be use in almost any type of music.
    Almost anyone can learn to play it.
    Simple music is easily played after only a few days or weeks.
    You can continue to learn new and challenging music forever.

  3. Tehran said :

    There are several good methods out there. However, you don’t see your own mistakes. If you want to try to teach yourself something try this: Use an established fingerstyle (classical) method. Something like Christopher Parkening Guitar Method. It has great pictures and will teach you to read notes. In conjunction with this use a few other books like Mel Bay. Last find websites like


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