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How do I train my dog to attack on command?

I don’t know if it is possible because my dog is pretty much a push over, but she learns very well. Everyone I know say that she listens very well and is the best trained dog they’ve ever seen. I just wondered if I could train her to attack if I need her to do so (robber with gun/that sort of thing). How would I begin training? Could I keep her temperment the way it is now or should I expect her to be less effectionate and sweet?
KJ can kiss my azz. I love my dog very much and I am just exploring options. I appreciate the help from those who didn’t think I just want my dog to kill people.

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17 Responses to “How do I train my dog to attack on command?”

  1. msnite1969 said :

    I don’t know how you would train your dog to do this. Personally I just have faith that my dogs love me so very much that I wouldn’t have to train them to protect me should the need arise. They would do it all on their own.

  2. Nunoyvgvna Awi said :

    normally a true K9 academy is needed for such training.

    but there is a huge part that you are missing….once trained to attack….the dog is now a lethal weapon. It hurts anyone, even during an attack….and YOU will be charged with the use of a dangerious weapon.

    if the dog hurts anyone for any reason…once trained….the dog will be put down by the courts.

  3. jammer said :

    If you have a good relationship with your dog there is no need to train it to attack on demand because it will naturally defend you by attacking the abuser.

  4. The_answer_person said :

    Dogs will get aggressive if you train them to be. Fighting makes them nervous. Do not worry. That dog is going to protect you with his life without training. Teaching him to attack will make him very unsure of himself.

  5. JDJ said :

    Suppose she attacks someone, not a robber with a gun, and/or hurts someone? You will be responsible if someone gets hurt or killed. Turn on your tv tothe Nancy Grace show, dog killed a child. On: CNN

  6. mistymountain_999 said :

    Well, i don’t think thats a very good thing to train a dog, but you could. Most dogs though, if they see you as the alpha dog, will protect the house and stuff anyway in case of a robber etc

  7. Clara said :

    I don’t believe all dogs are meant to attack, its in some dogs nature and not in others, but anything is possible.

  8. GingerDog640 said :

    You need to find a certified behavioralist who knows about Schutzhund and protection training. My dog, a certified Service Dog, is trained to protect me should need be. She is super friendly and loves everyone, but if I command her to “attack” she will go at a dangerous person or even just stand her ground against another threatening dog or animal. I would help you but you really need a live person working side by side in-depth with you and the dog.

  9. Renate said :

    Not a good idea. The dog will naturally attack someone who attacks you, so you so not have to teach her to be mean.

    Dogs have a natural defense mechanism that they transfer to their owners during times of intense emergency adn she will protect you even to her own demise. It is amazing but true.

    I had a lab/chow mix. She was about as silly and untrainable as any dog could have been but she was such a sweetheart she was a joy to have around. One night a person broke into my home and was hitting me then tried to strangle me. My dog turned into a viscous snarling monster and attacked my attacker so that she was almost pulling his throat out and he fled. You better believe my dog had steak for dinner for a week after.

  10. Dragon Heart said :

    and THIS ladies and gentlemen is what we mean when we say…It’s not the dogs fault…it’s the OWNER!

    you don’t understand at ALL what happens when a dog goes through that kind of training.
    until you know, I’d suggest you leave your dog be and let her be the sweetheart she was meant to be..and buy and d@mn alarm system for your house instead!!

  11. KJ said :

    If I were you, I would just give the dog up for adoption…it will be better off then if it has to stay with you.

  12. animalsrme said :

    Why would someone want to do that?

  13. charmedwitch94 said :

    Well, you can train her to do personal protection where she will attack on command or real estate protection where she attacks anyone who enters your property. I will tell you several things and give you several references. Your dog will not become less affectionate. If you choose real estate your dog could attack a small child chasing a ball, you will take the fall and your dog would be put to sleep. You CANNOT teach your dog to attack a mail burgler and not a mail man, not a halloween trick or treater but the burgular it is IMPOSSIBLE.Get books or take your dog to a class, note this is a very dangerous thing and u do need a certificate to own your dog once he is attack trained, it is like owning a gun.

  14. isis said :

    pobably will change her temperment. but if you really want to do that to her, call a professional. you need a certified trainer. you do know that almost every dog will protect its pack, right? and of course you know that your dog thinks of you as her pack? i haven’t had any of my boys trained, but i know they’d protect me without being told.

  15. Sherry said :

    We had a Doberman Pincher. God Bless her she passed away with cancer more than 20 years ago. We had her obedience trained and guard trained. She was a blessing to our family. She saved my children from a house fire we had in MO. And she caught a burglar that had broke into our home. She would attack but only put them down and stand over them until told to let them go. She never hurt any one. But she would if commanded to do so. My boys use to park their bicycles in the back yard which is where Duchess use to run free. We had ‘Guard Dog On Duty” signs all around our fence and gate. One day I heard some one yelling “Help”! I realized it was coming from the back yard. I went out to check it out, the back gate was open with one of the bikes and a man in the middle of the gate way with our dog standing over him and the bike showing all teeth. I called her off and told this guy he better not try this again ’cause neither the dog nor I would be as kind as we were that day. He took off running and we never saw him in the neighborhood again. Another time my baby who was going through the independent stage opened the gate and was about to walk on through it. Our precious Guardian Angel grabbed him my the breeches and drug him back into the yard. My point is: If your dog is trained properly by a professional, you can have a gentle loving and protective dog that will bless your family as much as mine has been blessed. Our children grew up with Duchess. When the youngest turned 16 years old (the one who tried to leave the yard) we had to put Duchess down. It broke all our hearts. I still dream of her now and then. If there is a doggy heaven I pray we will be reunited because she was just like one of our own children. Please look into professional training if you want a guard dog. It’s a little pricy but well worth every penny.

  16. vail2073 said :

    your question is a good one. However, some people are ignorant of your possible situation as to why you might want a dog to attack. Now, the question is, do you want a Property protection dog, and executive protection dog, or a sentry dog. Well, actually, you can rule out the sentry dog seeing as how you said is a pushover and the mere fact you are asking the question. Not an insult, you just need A LOT more experience with attack dogs before you move to Sentry dogs. First thing I will tell you is this, you need to see the character of the dog before you start any bite work. Simply put, if the dog doesn’t have the character or the prey drive for the work, she won’t bite. That is the truth regardless of what any “trainer” or so called “trainer” will tell you. You can do this simple prey drive test yourself by holding a rag in front of her and seeing if she tries to catch it and bite it. If she does, you move on to the next step which is developing the bite. Basically, you want the dog to bite with a full mouth grip. This can take time but you can do it yourself. Check online for tips on this. Next comes the actual helper work. Someone else, NOT YOU OR YOUR FAMILY has to be willing to get bitten by the dog using a sleeve or bite suit. Your best bet is to hire a helper or a professional dog trainer that does work with protection work. Depending where you live, this might be hard to find. The work with the helper takes time and will require a good amount of money, usually 500-2000 depending on how far you want the training to go. Sometimes more depending on what genetics the dog has. BEFORE you do all this, you will want your dog to have obedience training. The reason for this is because during the bite training, there are portions where the dog will be off leash and you need to have control of the dog while off leash. Again, look online for specifics or hire a trainer. Attacking on command takes time… it will take time and will not happen overnight. YOu don’t want to push the dog too much too far because you might ruin the dog.
    Her temperment will be the same towards you and your immediate family or whoever is in the “family circle” everyone else, like normal will be looked at with a wary eye. Don’t listen to people who think bite work will make the animal crazy or savage. This is bullshit. The truth is, a trained dog is more reliable and safe than an untrained dog. Especially a bite trained dog because they know and understand when and how to bite. VERY RARELY do you hear of a truely trained dog (not just backyard trained but fully trained dog) to attack anyone without cause.

    Just wanted to add one thing that most people do not know or understand or want to accept. 80-85% of dogs, when placed in a position where someone is walking towards them in a threatning manner WILL run away. Its innate to them. Only about 20-25% of dogs will go into fight drive. Thats it. So everyone that say, “oh, my dog will protect me if something happens” are only wishing that would happen. Another reason for protection training is to raise the confidence level in the dog and make them want to fight and stop the intruders. This is statistically proven by not only police departments but REAL trainers and decoys who work with dogs everyday/every year all over the world.

  17. Vivien said :

    Dont think you should be even asking how to train your dog to attack – just remember that if he does this in the wrong circumstances – HE IS GOING TO BE THE ONE THAT THE COURT SAYS HAS GOT TO BE PUT TO SLEEP !!! – not you – there is too much of this these days in the papers. – then its the poor animal that gets the blame !!!! – due to the actions of irrisponsible owners.


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