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How hard is it to give up smoking?

Do you get really agitated? How does it affect you?

By the way, I don’t smoke. So no lectures. I just want to know.
Mojo you are so old!

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16 Responses to “How hard is it to give up smoking?”

  1. mono said :

    its verrrry difficult ive tried several ways…cold turkey (which lasted 1 1/2 days), hypnosis (which was just like cold turkey because it didnt work), the patch (which worked but gave me adverse affects..i was sick to my stomach, this lasted 5 days) i was agitated, crying, moody, and ate ALL day beh i cant wait til they come out with some kinda miracle drug that only needs to be taken once lol

  2. L C said :

    It is about mind over matter. Just giving yourself something else to do and something else to think about makes it easier. Once the Nic is out of your system it gets easier and is more about habit than physical needs. Quitting slowly is the best way to go. Simply telling yourself to wait a little longer between smokes and before you know it you’re done.

  3. juicybaby said :

    if you been smoking 4 a long time it very hard b/c you addicted to it but if can get help from this pill that quits people smoking and save people lives before it to late but on the other hand that good u don’t smoke @ all and i don’t smoke either

  4. F R said :

    Giving up depends on the person. If the person is highly motivated to quit and has a good support structure, they are more likely to quit than someone who is unwilling or feels alone.Certain interventions can also be taken to help people stop quitting, like nicotine patches, and recently tricyclic antidepressants. The problem that people face when trying to quit is withdrawal symptoms from their addiction. If these can be minimised it will be easier for the person to quit.
    I know you don’t smoke but if anyone else out there reads this they should speak to their doctor about methods to quit.It is never easy but it can be managed if you know what to do. just remember that relapsing is not uncommon and it is not a sign that it is impossible for you to quit, you can always do something if you really want to achieve it…

  5. ishkbibl13 said :

    Quitting is easy as long as you have the proper mindset. It’s the breaking the habit that is the hard part because smoking becomes a routine that you just automatically do.

    I was a heavy smoker for over ten years, and one day I said to myself, This sucks! I stink, I cough, can’t breath, and I feel like crap all of the time. I’m done! and I never smoked ever again. I was a Mega-B in the beginning, and was irritable all of the time. Any little thing would trigger my attitude and a shouting match. I even cried a few times the first week, felt like I lost my best friend. It’s been 5-6 years since then and I never once thought about going back to smoking.

  6. nonameplease said :

    it depends on the individual
    every time i was different
    sometimes i got irritated
    sometimes i ate everything in sight
    each time i quit i start again

    this is the first time i quit for over 16 years now and the only reason i quit was because i was prego with child

    but i can tell you this, if i picked up a cigarette today and smoked it, i’d start again

    it’s like any other addiction, bad

  7. MojoMan said :

    20 years ago when I decided to stop, I just stopped. I smoked my last smoke and said what am I doing this for, and that was it.

    Did I just reference something I did 2o years a go? Man that sounds old.

  8. rachelsweet2001 said :

    You really have to want to give up there are various ways cutting down,hypnosis,groups,or using patches which a few of my friends have done and managed to give up completely.

    Like any drug coming off effects people differently not everyone turns into a monster,some people find they come off and then get every cold and sniffle whereas before they hardly got sick.

    My mother was a very heavy smoker but she just went cold turkey and was hard to be around for the first month,after that it was fine.

  9. KATHLEEN W said :

    It was so difficult I gave up giving up

  10. QueenBean said :

    For a person committed to quit it is not hard at all. I tried many times half heatedly then after 35 years of smoking I realized it could not go on made the decision bought the patches and I don’t smoke! If I can do it you can too but you have to want to not smoke more than you want to smoke getting to that point can take time.

  11. bolo said :

    Depends on the person. Quittin smoking may be more difficult for me than it may be for the next person. However, nicotine has a psychological and physiological affect on you. It affects your brain and your body. Both can become addicted. Its been said that nictoine is harder to give up than heroin. Thats something to consider right there. Even heroin addiction doesnt affect your body, its your mind that becomes addicted. Nicotine has a body addicting presense which makes it hard to give up, your body, not just your brain get accustomed to it. That is why its so tough to give up.

    The side effects of nicotine withdrawl are tough. They can range from massive headaches to vomiting. Depends on the person.

  12. big ed said :

    I quit once for 9 years a long time ago. It was very hard at that time. In fact, I got so agitated and irritable that I could not stand to be around myself…and that is really bad. I did make it through this hard time and quit for 9 years. Then I started again for over 8 years. I am now one month into my new quit smoking life. It has been easier this time, but then I am older and a lot wiser then I was before. Nicotine is one heck of an addiction, and for some it is harder to quit then hard drugs or alcohol.

  13. Veda said :

    I do not smoke either ; but I have read that smoking can be more addictive and harder to give up than heroin . Smoking is also more destructive than heroin , because it not only harms the smoker-but harms all those in the path of the smoker .Your pets can also be affected by second hand smoke .Agitated is an understatement when a smoker tries to quit . Try “insane rage “. There is nothing glamorous about smoking , yet the tobacco companies have done a good job of promoting their disgusting and harmful industry .

  14. JuJu Bean llc said :

    it took me 5 days on a morphine drip, to quit, this wasnt the treatment for smoking it was a nice biproduct for another ailment that involved an ankle. but no the morphine made it real tolerable to quit.

  15. ragdollfloozie said :

    I am gearing up to quit again. It is very hard at first,during and ever after.
    I only smoke 6 or so ciggies a day and only after 7 pm. You would think it would be easy to quit. No,I am gagging for a smoke when I finally do have one and have been known to become depressed when I try to quit. I will be seeing a doctor soon about this and will ,more than likely, try a product like Zyban as it helps with depression and the brain chemistry while you are quitting. There is a strong link to the pleasure centers in your brain and nicotine.

  16. mdfalco71 said :

    It’s like giving up sex, chocolate and breathing, all at the same time, and forever. Hence the occasinal bouts of crankiness displayed by some quitters. And also the rabidness of some former smokers – if they’ve had to give up, they don’t see why anyone else should get away with having that good a time.


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