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Is it possible to give up smoking?

I’m smoking for 1 year i know its not good for my health, how do I give up. Any tips?

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6 Responses to “Is it possible to give up smoking?”

  1. Tomb Raider said:

    Rashad,when you find the answer to this let me know,I’ve had accupuncture,been hynotized and still can’t quit,cold turkey I guess is the route to take,being I don’t have any medical insurance,I can’t get any prescription drugs to help me out from a Dr.

  2. David said:

    cut back. smoke crappy cigarettes. your mental attitude is critical. think of lung cancer, and the vile smell of smoking. my wife quit after a 2 and 1/2 pack a day habit. she,s been clean since 1974.

  3. rissarocks said:

    there is a Gum to help and lots of programs. Just ry to stop the smoking before you become addicted

  4. Elizabeth said:

    Cold turkey just give them up.

    I smoked for 3 years and gave it up all at once. It was hard, frustrating, irritating but all worth it. Somedays i still really want one….but then when i smell smoke it makes me physically ill now. good luck!

  5. fototag said:

    I gave Elizabeth a thumbs up because I did the same thing. Cold Turkey. I started running about 5 days a week to help clean out my lungs and I think it helped me to quit. It felt so good breathing all that fresh air after running I didn’t want to put any more smoke down there.

  6. Rhonda said:

    I do know a few people who have used this and it worked for them. I am not a smoker so I cant give u my own testimony but 2 of my friends used this and they quit. Pretty heavy smokers
    Lobelia is a natural nicotine in capsule form but safe! And then yu take Nutri Calm and B Complex
    for the nerves and withdrawals.
    my email is askrhonda@yahoo if your interested in more info on them!


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