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Is it possible to give up smoking on nothing but will-power?

I am planning for the first time to give up smoking very soon. But I currently do not plan to use any nicotine patches, or gum or anything like that. It might sound crazy, but I plan to curb the habit relying on nothing but a sense of determination not too smoke. Have you ever managed to give up smoking using just your will-power? Was it easy or hard? Or is it impossible?

Kind Regards
In answer to what bumblebee was saying, I’ve smoked 15-20 cigarettes a day for the past four years.

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7 Responses to “Is it possible to give up smoking on nothing but will-power?”

  1. bumblebee said :

    Depends how long you have smoked for and how much you smoke a day. My Mom who is 63 gave up smoking ( 45 years) on Chantix . She tried many times to quit on her own, but never succeded. She quit after 2 months on Chantix…….
    Edit…..15 -20 cigarettes a day for four years……..the odds are against quitting on your own, but you will never know until you try. If you can’t do it on your own I would suggest Chantix……Good luck to you…..

  2. nath_657 said :

    Im not a smoker nor have i ever smoked but i believe anything can be achieved if you have enough determination.

    You can certainly stop smoking, but how much will power do you have? because it wont be easy and this is what you will succeed on!

    Set yourself a goal and when you feel like smoking just remember that goal to help inspire you! This can practically be applied to all aspects of life!

  3. Eleryth said :

    Quitting any habit, especially one that builds a dependency, is difficult.

    That said, my father quit cold turkey. My mom told him she was pregnant (with me) and didn’t want him smoking around her/the baby, and he threw his current pack in the garbage and never smoked again. He’d been smoking for over a decade by that point, I’m sure.

  4. Michael S said :

    It is absolutely possible, you just have to have the willpower.

    I smoked 15-30 cigarettes a day from age 16 to age 38, then I just quit. No patch, no gum, no pills or shots. I still occasionally want a cigarette, but I just decide not to have one.

    My friend who is 37 has smoked for 19 years off and on. He’s never tried quitting without some aid, and he always goes back to smoking after a few months.

    Quitting is about forcing yourself to do something. Mind over matter, in other words.

    You can do it!

  5. agirllikeme said :

    Congratulations you have taken the first step to quit smoking. It’s about entertaining the possibility of stopping. Then there’s determination and self-control. Don’t let a cigarette beat you. It’s possible. I did it. I haven’t smoked since Dec 2005 and I never will again. Sometimes I kinda look for it but then the urge goes away. I just tell myself that it’s wrong to begin with so I should just get rid of my bad habit. Why should I waste my time having a relationship with a cigarette when I can truly have a relationship with people especially those who care about me. I’m healthier and happier now =) Do it for someone who truly loves you and it will be easier. I did it for my husband who is a non-smoker =) Goodluck you can do it =)

  6. Toad said :

    YES. I did. I’m still a horrible alcoholic though.

  7. groovythek said :

    No. You will be fooled into believing you can but if you really want to quit then you need to be healed of your addiction. When you are healed there will be no withdrawal, no more cravings, it will be like you never smoked!


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