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I want to learn to play guitar and i was wondering……?

ok, can a hollowbody guitar play metal or would it sound different?? and could i put a floyd rose on a hollowbody??

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One Response to “I want to learn to play guitar and i was wondering……?”

  1. silencetheevil8 said:

    If your just learning and you have no woodworking experiance then installing a floyd rose system on a hollowbody is probably out of your league. Just installing strings on a floyd rose is sometimes a 2-3 hour affair if its adjusted wrong so modding a guitar for one wouldn’t be easier. Hollow body’s can sometimes need a lot of breaking in, Gretches can be VERY stiff to start with but hollows can be great metal guitars. Malcolm Young uses a modified Gretch with the neck pickup removed so the possibility is there. Hollowbody electrics are actually pretty rare in the electric world (except acoustic electric…not good for metal) but most semi hollows can be setup to sound great playing metal.


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