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Should I learn to play a guitar before I learn to play a ukelele?

My mum says I should learn to play a guitar before a ukelele, then I asked whats the difference, should I learn the guitar first? If so, why?

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4 Responses to “Should I learn to play a guitar before I learn to play a ukelele?”

  1. jerard said :

    You should probably just play the guitar before the ukulele if you plan on sticking to the guitar. If you don’t plan on sticking to the guitar, I would recommend that you just play ukulele instead.

  2. ⌡Machine Head⌠ said :

    Everything you learn on a guitar you can transfer straight into playing a uke, but what you learn on a uke you will have to relearn on the guitar.

    It’s those two extra strings that make all the difference.

  3. ch3rry m4lic3 said :

    best to learn guitar before ukelele because the fingering will come easier in ukelele after mastering the guitar

  4. Cody said :

    depends, if you’re wanting to learn both. if you just want to learn ukulele then stick with uke. but if you are planning on eventually learning both then go with guitar first because afterwards uke will be an easy switch. the ukulele does have a very different tuning though


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