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How to train a dog in apartment?

So I just moved in here, I’m thinking about getting a dog for my new apt. I noticed some tenants have BIG dogs, goodness! But I want a small-medium dog. How do u train a dog in an apartment? I was thinking of when I leave for work, I put him in a cage/crate, then let him out & walk him when I return. Any advice? This apt doesn’t allow aggressive breeds. How to train? Thanks!

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8 Responses to “How to train a dog in apartment?”

  1. cruiser said :

    Initially you will appreciate that the crate gives your dog a safe place to relax (and gives you a break). In the future it will be a great benefit that your dog has been crate trained if he needs surgery or will travel. Most likely, your dog will like the crate if you are careful not push him too quickly.

    Place the crate with a comfy blanket inside nearby where you will be relaxing for awhile and set a trail of treats leading into the back of the crate.
    Allow your dog in the room and leave the crate door open while you relax. Eventually (or in a few seconds) your dog will get the treats and explore the crate. When you see him go in the crate, get up and put a few more treats in the back of the crate. Repeat this a few times until he is unhesitatingly going in for the treats and not rushing to escape the crate.
    Say “kennel” and take your dog gently by the collar and toss a treat in the crate. Most likely he will follow the treat into the crate. Gently block him from leaving the crate with your body and feed him treats in a steady stream. Once he relaxes and lays down, continue to do feed, but space out the treats a few seconds apart. Slow your treats down to about every 10 seconds when he seems especially calm. Let him out of the crate when he is nice and calm and take a break from training.
    Repeat the previous step, but this time instead of blocking with your body, close the door to the crate.
    Prepare a yummy chew toy (by filling a toy with cream cheese for example). Say “kennel” just before grasping your dog’s collar and walking him into the crate. Once he is in the crate, give him the chewy and close the door. Once he is engrossed in chewing, get up and walk around, occasionally going out of sight. Release him from the crate before he finishes chewing (or before he wakes up from dosing off) and only if he is calm.
    If your dog should fuss in the crate you must ignore it (unless he seems truly hurt) and release him only when he is calm, otherwise he will learn to fuss in order to be released.

  2. sniffydogs said :

    Pretty much. Please don’t leave him longer than 6 hours, especially a puppy. If you are a single guy, you might want to reconsider. I would suggest an adult dog. Try a local rescue. That would get you past the chewing/housebreaking stage completely.

    Good Luck!

  3. Deb said :

    There are several breeds good for apartment living. Miniature poodle, bichon, shelti, & some terriers. It sounds like you’ve done some planning already. You’ll probably want to walk him before & after work though so he gets the energy out. A lot of training is just common sense but if you can, adopt one from the shelter & may times they have classes to offer.
    Good Luck!

  4. chetco said :

    You would do best to adopt an adult dog that has been crate trained..It isn’t as easy as just putting the dog in when you leave and letting him out when you get home. A puppy can only hold its bladder for 1 hour per month of age, so if you can’t let a 4 month old puppy out at least every 4 hours, you will end up with nothing but trouble..a traumatized, and an emotionally and physically ill little dog.
    If you live in USA or parts of Canada, you can find wonderful dogs that are already crate trained here>
    Just put in your own postal code to find the ones nearest you..

    To see what proper crate training involves, this site, From American Dog Trainers Network, is excellent>

  5. whiskeyflirt said :

    i trained my dog in an apartment. i didnt like the crate training and so i just blocked off the kitchen entrance with a piece of plywood and left the dog in the kitchen. she never howled or cried while i was gone. and as for training it to go pee i paper trained it for when i was at work and eventually the pup began to hold it til i got home. when it got older she went out on the huge patio(ground floor) and i would walk her too.

  6. Thomas C said :

    go to , they have all kinds of trainings that can help you with you dog,

  7. Manisha said :

    Here is an excellent site with some wonderful options 4 U.

  8. John N said :

    Hi ,
    Well i found this really helpful guide ,its a really professional training called sit stay fetch , it teaches you how to train your dog by yourself , check it out at , its a easy step by step videos and book Hope this helps you with your dog
    Good luck


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