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So I want to learn to play guitar?

I played violin for like 4 years.
But got bored. The music we played drove me nuts and I just didn’t like it.
So anyways.
I was wondering.
Are the notes at all similar? Like reading music and stuff?
Will my violin days make it harder or easier for me to learn?
And what kind of guitar would be good to start on?
No budget, I kinda like the sound of acoustic, but let me know what you think…

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3 Responses to “So I want to learn to play guitar?”

  1. leftie1959 said:

    The transition is a nice one. It is very difficult to finger a violin and you will find it a cinch to finger notes on the guitar. you have the proper fingering already and the independence of both hands.
    Okay, you won’t have a bow in the right hand but, you will be able to master the picking technique just the same in a very short time.
    The notes are the same and you can , either choose, electric or acoustic, whatever you have the urge to do. Acoustic guitar is harder to play in the sense that you will need more pressure than a violin as compared to an electric guitar.
    you be the judge. Try both.

  2. guitarpicker56 said:

    I’d say you have a major advantage to learn to play the guitar after having formed the needed calluses on the violin.

    You simply must rearrange your thought processes and learn music notation as it applies to the guitar. An easy and effective way to do this is to get Hal Leonard’s Beginner Method #1. Inside are instructions on tuning, caring for the instrument, basic chords, and music theory and their exercises that are paramount in learning the notes of each string for the guitar.

    Music for the guitar is read in the treble clef although the actual pitch is in the bass clef. I’m confident you will do well.

    I strongly recommend learning on an acoustic guitar. Don’t bog yourself down with an electric guitar, an amplifier, patch cords, distortion and fuz pedals that will only hamper your progress. If you learn on an acoustic you can eventually move on to an electric within two to four years.

  3. Sam I. EM said:

    It should make it easier because the notes are the same. Guitar is tuned EADGBe and a violin is GDAE so they are the same on the 1st string at least. Once you figure out some scales it should go fairly easy. I would recommend a good guitar. I like Martin OOO or OM series because I think they sound better finger-picking. I usually play my nylon string anymore though. It depends on what kind of music you like. If you’re into alternative rock type stuff I’d go with a dreadnought style guitar. If you use a pick these are better. And a nice one is a Takamine Acoustic/electric between 800 1500 bucks.


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