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How should i learn to play guitar standing?

ive been playing for almost two years now and i usually practice while sitting. occasionally i stand when performing for people. but when i stand its very difficult for me to reach the higher frets with my left hand, and my picking precision is also pretty bad. for example i would pick one string higher or lower then i wanted to, or i will pick more strings then i wanted to.
i have a strap.
i play both acoustic and electric.

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10 Responses to “How should i learn to play guitar standing?”

  1. ♥♥♥☺☺☺♥♥♥ said :

    get a guitar with a strap.

  2. Austin A said :

    be able to play whatever you play sitting down, when you can do that, practice standing up

  3. Danny Lightning said :

    well get a strap and adjust it to a comfortable level even if it is really high up and looks stupid.. when you get comfy with it.. lower it a bit and as you get comfy lower it more and more..

  4. Jess J said :

    I know what you mean it’s so difficult. Just practise practise I guess. Or bring the guitar higher up and get used to it there then lower it bit by bit. I haven’t mastered it myself lol.

  5. thomas m said :

    If you only practice while sitting it will seem very different when you stand. Practice standing and it should solve your problem.

  6. Rachel_S165 said :

    Put a strap on your guitar and practice your guitar while standing up all the time instead of sitting.

    You may have to experiment with the strap to figure out how high or low to wear your guitar so that you can reach all the frets with your left hand. If you wear the guitar too low, you’ll have trouble reaching all the frets. If you practice guitar standing up, your right hand will learn how to find the correct strings by feel.

  7. koreanin said :

    i had the problem but after a couple of weeks of pratice, I’m able to play standing. Remember pratice makes perfect and don’t give up or just watch other people play guitar and see how they play.

  8. h-townguy said :

    well, first lets just make sure you havea strap. and at the beginning, have the strap pretty high.

    ok, now, here’s the way to pick with accuracy while standing up. many will trash me because of this but its the easiest and most comfortable way of playing a solo or shredding. anchor your wrist.

    there’s 2 different options depending on what kind of guitar you have.
    1-standard bridge (no whammy bar or tune o matic bridge)
    2-tune o matic bridge (i.e gibson les paul, or some higher end epiphones)

    1 with the standard, photo:
    you just place your wrist on the bridge while your playing licks.

    2-with the tuneomatic photo:
    you just place your pinky across the tune omatic bridge and youll have more control over your picking hand

    other than that, the trick is practicing.


  9. Checkmate said :

    Honestly, there should be no difference playing a guitar standing up or sitting down. Adjust your strap, when standing, to a comfortable position that is similar to how you sit and play. after mastering that, you can adjust to other positions.

  10. Flava t said :

    Practice it, you probably aren’t very experienced. You might just be bad, cause standing up is easier


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